DG Message D3420 First Letter of DG Nilawati - RI President John F Germ RY 2016-2017

RI President
A Rotary member since 1976, Germ has served Rotary as vice president, director, Foundation trustee and vice chair, chair of Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge, and RI president’s aide. He is a recipient of Rotary’s Service Above Self Award and The Rotary Foundation’s Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Award. He and his wife, Judy, are members of the Arch Klumph Society.

DG Nilawati is the member of RC Bali Taman, she joined Rotary since 1991, her clasification is Pharmaceutical Distribution. She has 4 sons (Aya, Kadek, Komang and Tut De).
She was the club President in 1993 - 1994, the Chair Woman of TRF seminar 1996, Founder and Chairman Sehati Foundation 1998 -2003, AG 2006 - 2010, GSR RC Bali Legian 2007 - 2008, DDG/ Treasurer D3400 2010 -2012, DDG/ Treasurer D3420 2012 - 2013, Host Primary Contact to TRF for 4 Global Grant in 2012-2014, Host for GSE 2008, Host inbound Youth Exchange Student 2015.

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MESSAGE from District Governor NYOMAN NILAWATI

Rekan-rekan Rotarian yang budiman,

2016-3420 3OKMarilah kita panjatkan puji syukur kehadapan Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa, karena atas rahmatNya lah kita boleh meneruskan pengabdian kita melalui Rotary District 3420 Indonesia.
Dibawah kepemimpinan IPDG Mufid, beliau telah berhasil memimpin kita, mengarahkan kita sehingga didalam kebersamaan, kita mampu mengemban/merealisasikan target yang telah ditetapkan oleh Rotary International khususnya dalam Membership, untuk itu kami ucapkan terimakasih IPDG Mufid.

Hari ini kita mulai memasuki masa pengabdian untuk Rotary Year 2016-2017, yang merupakan masa bersejarah yaitu Centenial The Rotary Foundation - 100 tahun berdirinya The Rotary Foundation.
Kebetulan saya yang mendapat kepercayaan untuk mengarahkan kemudi dari Rotary District 3420 Indonesia agar bisa mencapai target yang diharapkan oleh Rotary International. Tanpa dukungan dari para Rotarian, tentu tugas ini sangat berat dan tidak akan mungkin saya kerjakan sendiri.

Maka dari itu melalui kesempatan ini saya mohon dukungan, kerjasama dan saling pengertian diantara kita semua seluruh Rotarian di District 3420. Mari kita bulatkan tekad untuk mengembangkan Rotary District 3420 agar menjadi District yang lebih sehat, lebih besar dan kuat.

Para Club President marilah bersama Board dan Club Member rencanakan kegiatan untuk merealisasikan target-target yang sudah ditentukan. Demikian juga para Asisstant Governor kami sangat berharap lakukanlah komunikasi dan koordinasi yang intens dengan para Club President di Area masing-masing.

Tidak lupa pula saya mengucapkan terimakasih kepada para District Officer yang sudah bersedia ada dalam satu Team untuk bersama-sama merealisasikan target District yang sudah kita tentukan.

Atas dukungan dan kerjasama yang baik dari Fellow Rotarians, saya ucapkan terimakasih, selamat bekerja, selamat melakukan pengabdian, semoga Tuhan memberkati.


Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Let us praise the Lord, express our gratefulness to God Almighty, for only by His mercy, we may continue our dedication to mankind through Rotary International D 3420 Indonesia.
Under the leadership of IPDG Mufid who led us in Rotary Year 2015-16, and provided us with rewarding directions so that finally together hand in hand we can carry on our efforts and make into reality the targets set by RI especially on Membership; for which we would like to say thank you to IPDG Mufid.

Today we start entering a new period of devotion in Rotary Year 2016-2017, which will also be a historical year for The Centennial Rotary Foundation or celebration for 100 years anniversary of The Rotary Foundation.
By the grace of God, I was entrusted the confidence from all Rotarians in this District to steer the wheel of Rotary District 3420 Indonesia in Rotary Year 2016-17; in order to achieve the goal expected and set by the Rotary International.
However, I believe that without the support of Rotarians in this district, I will not be able to do it alone, as the task is very heavy. We need to work closely together.

Through this occasion, I would like to request the supports, cooperation and determination from all Rotarians in District 3420 to develop Rotary District 3420 to become better, bigger and bolder.

Dear Club Presidents, together with your Board and Club Members please comprehensively plan activities to achieved the realization of our goal that have been determined. We also expect and hope that Assistant Governors will develop intense communications and coordination with the Club Presidents in each respective area. Not to forget, I wish to thank all the District Officers who have shown enthusiasm and readiness to serve as one team to jointly make happening District targets that we have set.

I herewith congratulate all Rotarians to welcome the new Rotary year and wish D-3420 Team a great success in performing our humanitarian services.

May God lead and bless us.

Rotary Serving Humanity,

Nyoman Nilawati.
Governor 2016-2017.
District 3420 Indonesia.

Message from RI Pres JOHN GERM

My dear fellow Rotarians,

01Today marks the first day of a new Rotary year. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but together we’ll be able to accomplish great things.

The 2016 Council on Legislation resulted in many new, forward-thinking decisions that will help us launch the most progressive year in Rotary’s history. In addition to the Report of Action, which provides a summary of all enactments and resolutions, documents on the dues increase and membership flexibility are available. Other resources can also be found on Rotary.org.

My presidential citation is meant to help guide and motivate you and your clubs throughout the year. View the presidential citation goals for Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs here. A separate communication with a user guide on how to submit information and work towards the citation will be sent to district governors and club presidents in July. The Rotary club dashboard club view report can be viewed here. Any questions about the citation can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In the next year, we might possibly see the last case of polio ever. With only 17 cases of wild poliovirus so far this year, we are now closer than ever to eradicating this disease. World Polio Day, 24 October, will be hosted in Atlanta, Georgia at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This event allows us to celebrate the significant milestones we’ve reached, educate the general public, and look to the future as we near the end of this battle.

World Polio Day can be celebrated from anywhere in the world and I hope that you and your clubs and districts will join us and register your event. Setting a great example is the Rotary Club of Cleveland, as they’ll be celebrating both The Rotary Foundation Centennial and World Polio Day with a concert performance by The Cleveland Orchestra.

Another important event taking place in Atlanta is of course, the Rotary International Convention, 10-14 June 2017. At the 1917 Rotary Convention in Atlanta, President Arch Klumph spoke about his dream about creating a Rotary endowment fund. With his beginning donation of $26.50, The Rotary Foundation was born. It’s only appropriate that we return to Atlanta a century later to celebrate our Foundation’s Centennial and all the good work Rotarians around the world have done since then.

I know you will all join me in working to meet our goals, as well as celebrate our victories. As members of Rotary, we are out to change as many lives as we can, for the better. Not alone. Not as individuals. But together—as a team—through Rotary Serving Humanity.


John Germ.
Rotary International President, 2016-2017.

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